Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You're invited...

We are so excited to finally announce our first ever box packing party--and guess what, you are on the list of guests we would like to invite!  What's a packing party??  I'm so glad you asked!!!

Hold on.  Sorry about that.

Let me dial down the cheese factor (it's been a long day and I've just finished chasing my dog around the house with an empty paper towel roll for entertainment) and explain a little further what this is all about...:-)

Last October we ordered our first set of 25 boxes that we planned to decorate and fill with a few comfort items in order to have them on hand to give out to the loss mommas that crossed our path.  We weren't sure exactly what the need would be--and I'm sure you can understand the bittersweet feelings we have when we say that we are nearing the end of our second set of 25 boxes.  It's bitter because they represent 50 precious lives that have been lost--but it's also sweet because we have been able to reach out and love 50 hurting mothers who now might feel just a little less alone in their grief.

Why a packing party?  There are a few reasons, least of which is that with 3-6 boxes going out each week, this is no longer a one man production--and I need to get some space in my guest room back!  Just kidding--but in all seriousness, we just simply cannot keep up with the requests that are coming through each week and we really do want each and every one to be met.

Many of you have expressed your love and support and "how can I help?!" attitude since the start of all of this, and we can't thank you enough.  And you guessed it-- now is the time when we answer that "how can I help?" question with asking you to consider 1) helping us gather items for our box ministry and 2) coming to our packing party next month.

Our goal is to come together on a Sunday afternoon next month and pack about 200 boxes.  But we most definitely cannot do that without some help.  If you would like to dig through your craft closet or stop at the dollar spot at Target or just help us spread the word by sharing this on your Facebook page or with your Sunday School class, we would be so appreciative.

In order to have enough supplies to pack these boxes, we are in need of the following:

Burlap (6 in. width)40-50 yds
Lace (2-3 in. width)50 yds

Flower Centers (pearls or gems 1/4 in. diameter)207
Cream Tissue40
Blue Tissue41
Pink Tissue0
Cream Ribbon (appox. 1/4 in.)10 yds
Blue Ribbon (appox. 1/4 in.)5 yds
Cream Ribbon (appox. 1/4 in.)10 yds
Thin Twine20 rolls
Tag Paper25 sheets brown paper cardstock (paper bag type color, not chocolate brown)
Kleenex (unopened travel packs in muted colors if possible)182
Pens (new)159
Seed Packets (any kind of flowers)166
Copies of I'll Hold You in Heaven by Jack Hayford202
Booties **if you crochet and are interested, please send us a message!as many as we can get

Candles (3 in. white or cream pillar, new)184

We would like to very kindly ask you to remember as you are digging through your craft closet or those dollar bins that you keep in mind that these boxes are being given to women who are in a very deep valley of grief.  As such, it would be best if we could gather journals that are muted in color and design, candles that are new, and pens that do not contain company logos for marketing.  We want to be sensitive to their grief and come alongside of them in the most supportive way possible.

If you have any questions at all about what we are looking for, please don't hesitate to send us a message!  We are just so thankful that you are interested in helping with this cause that is so near and dear to our hearts.

And finally-- our Box Packing Party has been scheduled for 1pm on Sunday, March 30th.  We will meet at Palmcroft Church, 15825 N. 35th Ave, in building E Room 202.  Please mark your calendar and join us if you are able-- no crafting skills are required and we will provide everything that you need to help us get these beautiful boxes packed and ready to go!

Stay tuned for more updates :-)


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