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Forget Me Not Ministries was founded in love by two baby loss mamas who desired to reach out and encourage women grieving from the pain of pregnancy loss and infertility. Forget Me Not is also blessed to work with dozens of volunteers with a heart for this ministry. Each one has their own story and reason for becoming involved. Here is a little more about our staff...

Karen Harrison, SBD

Karen has experienced both the happy and the heartbreaking births of eight children. After having healthy twins in 2005, Karen experienced three miscarriages, the stillbirth of her daughter Lily Grace, and the death of the baby girl they planned to adopt to hydranancephaly. She was also blessed with another healthy boy, and has such a heart for mothers of children both on earth and in heaven.

Karen dreamed of founding a ministry like Forget Me Not to encourage women and families grieving the loss of a baby, and together she and Becky watched as the Lord made it happen! Karen has an extensive background in working with bereaved children and families, and is currently earning her Master's degree in this area. She hopes the Lord will use her story and experiences to comfort others in similar circumstances.

Karen is certified through Stillbirthday as a Birth and Bereavement Doula. For more information on Stillbirthday Doula services, please click the following link.


Becky Brimhall, SBD

Becky married her childhood friend, Jesse, about 6 years ago.  At the start of this ministry on Mother's Day, 2013, Becky was in the midst of grieving the loss of her second child, born into heaven.  She went on to birth a third child into heaven in October of that year.

Those years were long and full of a lot of darkness and a desperate struggle not to give up hope.  But in October of 2014, through a strangely woven turn of events, Karen learned of a young girl who was 7 months pregnant and looking to place her baby girl with a Christian family.  The Lord worked one miracle after another and on December 15, 2014, Becky and Jesse were there to witness the birth of that baby girl and left the hospital two days later with their brand new daughter.  In June of 2015, Isobel Grace legally became a Brimhall as her adoption was finalized.

As Becky continued to reel from the miracle of this perfect baby girl that the Lord had suddenly placed into their family, two weeks after finalizing her adoption, she learned that she was pregnant.  An emotionally tumultuous pregnancy ensued, and an even more dramatic birth occurred, but on February 21, 2016, with her husband and Karen by her side, Becky gave birth to another perfect daughter- Roselynn Mae.

Although she currently has her hands and her heart very full with these two unexpected but deeply loved baby girls, Becky maintains her love and passion for grieving women and their families who have babies in heaven.  The current season in her life demands much of her time at home with her family, but her desire to support these families and continue to grow the ministry have not diminished even a little bit, and she looks forward to continuing to be a part of that, in whatever ways the Lord will allow.

Becky is certified through Stillbirthday as a Birth and Bereavement Doula. For more information on Stillbirthday Doula services, please click the following link

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